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  • Judith

Planet i. Day 2

day 2 of the residency....

was playing around with the ‘tempo rhythm in movement’ of C. Stanislavsky.

to help us generate images and create on the spot…

quote:“tempo rhythm cannot be clearly recalled and felt unless there are inner images present to correspond to it.”

An3, Patricia,Christina,Hennie , Iulia and me played- , struggled with, failed and conquered various exercises. clapping out the tempo-rhythm of a memory to each other, having 1 metronome as tempo, having 2 even 3 metronomes to give us tempo. In the last exercise An3 clapped a tempo-rhythm that we all had to learn , and then have it as an internal metronome to work with.

images and ideas started overflowing the studio, so i guess we were/are on the right track…

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