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  • Iulia

Exploring transpecism at the REEDANS residency in Cluj

Two months ago, Bogdan and I had a dance residency at Fabrica de Pensule, in Cluj, Romania. Part of the REEDANS residency programme, our research and practice was mentored by a wonderful choreographer from Ukraine, Viktor Ruban.

For two weeks, became plants.We redesigned ourselves as humans,through speculation, imagination, and accessing our existing somatic potentials.

We blurred the edges. We surpassed delineations.

We materialised immaterial messages from plants.

We played with pollination.

On 12th of August, our project is going to Kiev, at Viktor's KyivDanceResidency Center. With the help of i-Portunus program, we will be able to take our planting process a bit further; inspired by the wonderful forests from Kiev.

Here is a short glimpse of our exploration of circumnutation from Cluj

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