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Romania, UK, Sweden, Netherlands

User-friendly- guides series


ART AND LANDSCAPE NARRATIVES group exhibition at Muzeul Național al Țăranului Român

Bucharest, Romania


Series of monthly online somatic workshops as Skogen Study Group

Skogen, Gothenburg


Plant-Human workshop at Blooming Ludus Green Forum

Topia Online


Nature Art Video Exhibition,

Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2020 

Gongju, South Korea

Concept & development 

Hennie Lee

Iulia Maracine

Judith V/D Made

Patricia Vane

Participant artist 

Irina Bobei

Ville Valikoski

Eftichia Kondyli

Ludic’s User-Friendly-Guides is a project where a Ludic member is curating a series of activities (workshops, talks, gatherings, etc), and shares each specific topics with anyone who is curious to explore: how one’s soma and cognition are intertwined; to actively question; to alter and possibly unlearn one’s schema.


As part of the User-Friendly-Guides, the first part of the project is the Trilogy project, themed around the concept of embodying the relation between ourselves and the other, in three stages: 1. PLANT-HUMAN; 2. ANIMAL-HUMAN, 3. HUMAN-HUMAN. Part 1. PLANT-HUMAN specifically asks: what does it mean for a human to enter in relation with a plant (and, by entering into relation, to redefine oneself)? What perceptual shifts of self and Other are required in the attempt of achieving this? How do we overlay plant qualia over human qualia, and what kinds of morphing organisms could take place after this? Can we talk of dehumanising?


Our purpose is not to show a final answer to the above questions, as marking a fixed point of view is not a rich process for us. We want to simply tackle those questions through the somatic practice itself, and through the experiences of the people that are undergoing this practice.

/ Lee, H., & Maracine, I. (2021) User-friendly-guides Series. Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices, Issue 13.2: ‘Somatics and Eco-Consciousness’

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