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UK, Romania

Love and Cats


Food sharing as part of symposium, Dreams and Guilt. Exhibiting Counter-Memories

Beaconsfield Gallery, London


sunet alb (white sound), first collaborative installation by Iulia and her mother Doina Apreotesei,curated by Daniela custrin

Suprainfinit Gallery, Bucharest

Concept & Direction

Hennie Lee

Iulia Maracine

Chae-eun Park

Judith V/D Made

Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 22.23.55.png

<Love and Cats> is what LUDIC started adding at the end of our emails from 2015, to express care towards people in a Ludic way. In 2020, Hennie and Iulia experienced loss of family members, while we were living in two different countries. We began to have conversations on grieving, and how we wish to be there for people who are important in our lives who live afar, and how we could do that with limitations of physical distance. And this became a beginning of a new project, something around loss and caring for our loved ones. Wanting to send, “Love and Cats” through sharing, documenting, sensing and moving through our bodies.

In 2023 summer, Hennie and Iulia had an opportunity to take part in symposium 'Dreams and Guilt. Exhibiting Counter-memories' in Beaconsfield Gallery, London. We decided to present "Food Sharing by Ludic", as a small initiative that reflects our new long-term project idea of <Love and Cats>, by cooking for the symposium participants a comfort meal, sharing written scores alongside the food, and inviting them to share their memories of 'arriving home'.


In the autumn of 2023, Iulia ⍤⃝shared her first collaboration with her mother, Doina. It started by engaging in long indirect conversations around grief, and gently inviting Doina to the ideas of building something to be shared with the public. They spent a lot of time together where Doina taught Iulia how to crochet - the processes that were documented were also weaved into their installation, alongside a big piece of knitted drape. Their project, "sunet ⍤⃝alb (white sounds)", was shared as an installation with video projection, and crocheting sessions with the audience in a gallery in Bucharest in September.⍤⃝ 

"Iulia tells me about white noise in relation to time and the two of them. The sound of the needle in the sewing machine, the sound of knitting needles. The sound of threads and fabrics. Diva Universal. Sound resistant to answers, to bodies. Sound that cancels time. Sound that, repeated now, becomes a score."  - Daniela Custrin

In the meanwhile, Judith has continuously been sharing her Feldenkrais practice with a group of friends online over three years, calling it 'Feldenlove', exploring her own perspectives reflecting on her training and experience as a Feldenkrais practitioner, around the theme of 'landing on one's body', while attending to different needs of their friends' bodies. 

Now, Ludic members are in the process of looking into ways of developing <Love and Cats> into workshops and guided performances.

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