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South Korea, Romania



Re-boot workshop

National Center of Dance, Bucharest (CNDB)


Re-boot residency & workshops 

Seoul Dance Center, Seoul


Re-boot workshop & performance

Teatru Fix, Iasi

Concept & development 

Hennie Lee

Iulia Maracine

Andreea David

Judith v/d Made

Andreas van de Kuit

Patricia Vane

Mircea Andrei Florea

Sound by

Robert Dahlquist

Documentation by 

Chae-eun Park

Vlad Dumitrescu

Re-boot: Unlearning Schemata Technique is a research project which is an extension of the immersive performance project Planet i., which had started in 2016; experimenting the recovery procedure of cognitive re-development from collective trauma. 

After 2 years of investigation, the members began to specifically focus on the common interest in somatic re-boot as an independent technique: could we disorient our perception in such a way that we rewire our soma, and create new patterns and schemata of behaviours? ​We would like to discover as we convey the process of phenomenological sensing, perceiving, acknowledging different types of somatic memory, etc.

Re-boot also takes the form of public somatic workshops, developed mainly during the residency at Seoul Dance Center by Andreea David, Hennie Lee and Iulia Maracine. 

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