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LUDIC RE:Memoria - on how to attempt and fail at...


Velcro Adorables, group exhibition curated by Daniela Custrin

The Institute, Strada Băiculești 29, București, Romania

Participant artists

Hennie Lee

Iulia Maracine

Judith V/D Made

Andrie V/D Kuit

Irina Bobei

Mircea Andrei Florea

with Patricia Vane

Ludic Re:Memoria – on how to attempt and fail at… is a reliving of random materials and vague memories uprooted from their original context.


In our selection, we chose the bits in which our performative practices have changed the rehearsal studio into a highly familiar, cozy one—most often during our breaks—and invaded our real-life domestic space: the documenting of a collective cooking process, after an intensive week of rehearsals for Planet i.; a short practice of Re:boot we randomly filmed in an old house; a Planthuman somatic workshop that was shared with Hennie, in a surprising short visit of hers to Bucharest during the pandemic lockdown; leftovers of ideas we later abandoned.


Ludic Re:Memoria is also a unique chance for severa Ludic members to reunite after an inevitable gap of more than 4 years: Andrie, Hennie, Irina, Iulia, Judith and Mircea.

As one enters the space, one can walk around freely and hang around as much as they want. We offer pillows, beanbags, a mountain of apples, plantable papers with flower seeds in them, which one can take home to further regenerate the Ludic archive.

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