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South Korea



residency & exhibition 

Uiseong Arts Project, Angye

Concept & development 

Chae-eun Park

Juhee Hahm

Luke Rideout

Curated by


Nol-Ja-uh-na was developed for Project Art Uiseong 2019, as part of the residency/exhibition in Angye  curated by indie053, at the former public bathhouse.

Angye in Uiseong county, from rapid declining in population, has been found to be the first area to disappear in South Korea. With the birthrate dropping drastically, countryside towns in Korea show severe increase of aging population while the younger generation move out to the nearby cities. Uiseong Arts Project was funded in order to encourage the infulx of young artists in the area, and to speculate artistic solution. 

Ludic's Chae-eun, Juhee and Luke has responded to the problem, through engaging with the elder generation in Angye with the theme of "play", and running workshops with secondary school students from the area. "Play fosters our powerful imaginations and can create new social patterns. It can act as the shared language necessary to reinvigorate the town."


Together with the soundscape from the collected stories of local residents, Nol-za-uh-na, is installed in a former sauna room, inviting the audience to interact and play.

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