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When words dictate


Scratch,Hourglass Festival

Battersea Arts Centre,UK



Goldsmiths University,UK



WD studio, RCSSD, UK

Concept & direction 

Cha-eeun Park

Hennie Lee

Iulia Maracine

Created & performed by 

Eda Yilmaz, Ville Valikoski,

Xenia Gian

Sound by 

Robert Dahlqvist

Dramaturgy by 

Sunan Gu

When Words Dictate is a devised dance theatre piece which uncover how individuals experience different ideas about language throughout our lives.

When Words Dictate depicts small encounters with language that each performer has had in their life time: learning a word, coming to understand the true meaning behind commonly used expressions and more.


The performance zooms into the concepts of how we use words to communicate and interact with one another – concepts which we might take for granted in everyday life. Using dance to express emotions and produce images that cannot be done with words, it also contests the idea whether our behaviors and forms of thinking are moulded by the very language we use.


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