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Ukraine, Romania

i am here still



Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj 



Kyiv Dance Residency, Kyiv



National Center of Dance, Bucharest (CNDB)

in COLLABORATION with Olarsons
Concept choreography by

Bogdan Olarson


Concept, research and performance by

Iulia Maracine 

Irina Bobei 

Sound by

Robert Dahlquist

Co-written by

Mircea Florea

I am here still by Olarsons, co-created in collaboration with Ludic, is a choreographed intra-active project that questions human-plant hybridisation and actively abandons any anthropomorphic and anthropocentric perspectives. The research stirs around the body as medium of self-metamorphosis; embodying various qualities - anatomical, biological, perceptual - from existing vegetal organisms.

This project initiated and developed during the CNDB eastern European dance residencies, REEDANS, at Fabrica de Pensule - Cluj, under the mentorship of the Ukrainian choreographer Viktor Ruban.

As a result of the CNDB residency programme, “I am here still” was presented in the frame of annual program of artistic residencies in Kyiv Dance Residency. Supported by i-Portunus program, Ruban Production ITP and "Impulse Transformation Platform" CO ICF in collaboration with Довженко-Центр : Dovzhenko Centre.

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