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Remembrance Species

For the Remembrance Day for Lost Species, November 30th 2020, Scotland-based collective <Remembrance Species> called for musicians, artists and writers all over the world to create an online exhibition of artworks, texts and music album.

Ludic is also contributing with a track, titled "Walking Fish" (production: Iulia, text and voice: Mircea, sound: Robert, illustration: Luca Florian), and we are super grateful for this opportunity. Big thumbs up to the team who gathered and put all this wonderful work together!!

All donations and album sales will raise funds for the conservation of Axolotl in Mexico and coastal seabirds in Scotland.

If you want to support their cause, you can make a donation and purchase this music album available on Bandcamp. Enjoy listening, reading and viewing these artworks !

Music album available on the following link:


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