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Olarsons - new art residency space in Suseni, Romania

A few months ago, I started listening to a really nice Romanian indie band, named Dor Marunt. I was told that Bogdan Olaru, the vocalist, is a really nice dancer, actor and performance artist currently finishing his Master's Degree in Cluj, Romania, and that I definitely have to meet him.

It so happens that, at the end of October, I had to go to Cluj to perform in a visual installation by Ioana Stanca and I invited Bogdan to come check it out.

5 minutes in the conversation and we had already decided that we have to collaborate and blend our practices.

We also shared a common interest in developing art residency spaces in lesser populated areas in Romania, where artists can escape the busy city environment, immerse themselves in nature, and research on their current interests.

About two weeks ago, I got this email from Bogdan with a very detailed project proposal and a lot list of associates and partners, named Olarsons - art residency space and museum. This art retreat will be located in Suseni, Harghita, on the site of the natural reserve Mlastina dupa Lunca, which is also a part of the European Natura 2000 Network and currently under the custody of the National Agency for Environmental Protection.

The launch of the Olarsons art space will take place in summer 2019 (dates TBC), through an ART RESIDENCY / ART RETREAT offered for 7 artists from 7 continents for 7 days.

Ludic gladly accepted to become partners with Olarsons and support this amazing project however we can.

We see a wonderful summer ahead.

Bogdan dehumanizing and resensing in Morocco.

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