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Re-boot @ CNDB, Bucharest

A few months, Ludic started collaborating with a new cool dancer and choreographer from Bucharest, Andreea David. Met her at a party, got very passionate about our practices and the magical ways in which our interests were blending like a perfect Rum & Coke. So we met for a few times, tried out different exercises, ideas, and on the 25th of June we decided to organise a full-day open workshop at the Dance Center in Bucharest.

Lots of nice ideas were carefully baked that day and we got even more triggered to keep on uniting our practices and see where each workshop/performance/residency will take us.

At the moment we are in a residency at Seoul Dance Center, South Korea, and (finally) reuniting with Hennie and Chae-un. But you will hear and see more of our Korean experience soon!

Meanwhile, this is a short overview of the result from the Bucharest workshop.

Do not try to understand, just watch, hear, feel - and, if only you could smell, as well... let's hope for a better future-.

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