Planet i. in Gothenburg @ 13Festivalen

10 Mar 2018


To share one of the things Ludic did in Konstepidemin, Gothenburg:

we collectively re-wrote the levels of recovery text, based on our own experiences.


During the performance, these level texts became

something to hold onto for us,

something to make associations for the audience. 




documentation by ehella ryctmau





Level 1.


(you let go of everything you have)

I am living in the unconsciousness of myself




Level 2.


yawn, sneeze, ticklishness, swallowing, coughing metallic breathing


sharply brings me back to existence


The world is made of sound.




Level 3.


wakening by reflexes and nothing who you are




Level 4


(Vision. You look at everything you are not)


Everything turns and twists and changes




Level 5.


I agitate

from sense of longing




Level 6.



forward motion

I shift from past to present, and then past again.




Level 7.


Path me.

I really like her face, 

I will lick it to taste it.




Level 8.




Primitive companionship


Light is coming through the windows,

it must be daytime.



Level 9.


I have the feeling i have been here before,

I know this place very well.


Who I am now, who I am not.













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