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Planet i. @Bucharest

We’ve been working on this project for about a year and our guidance was a recovery process from trauma in six levels, based on the Rancho Los Amigos Scale. Our interest was also: how does one recover to normality when there is no specialised assistance to guide you, since everyone has suffered from this trauma?

The purpose of this recovery process was not to bring our bodies to our previous earthly functioning, but to explore new ways of making use of our mind-body organism;

The levels of recovery set the very basic functions of our being.

We cannot reach a state of unconsciousness;

We do not aim to reach this state, but to touch upon it, and try to hypothetically understand how we would behave if we were in that situation.

We are just trying to bring ourselves to a minimal point of existence. It is a chance to reboot/restart our organism, shut down our ‘filters’ and create new ‘filters’.

From this starting point, we took off both collectively and individually to find clusters of capturing the essence of each aspect to revisit constantly through workshops.

photographs of performance day 2, by Shivona Catană

From our palette, we shared with the audience in Bucharest:


6 levels in text,


symbols of each clusters,

personal cluster accessing,

collective cluster revisiting,

and more.

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