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  • Hennie

Planet i. from the island


???? The implicit somatic memory of oneself and one's identity providing the core and narrative context for sense of self; one's perception; "I" as the same I a second ago - when lost, I was connected with the cushion, there was no reason for it to be any different from a leg attached to a knee connected to the blocks leading up to where my gaze is holding.

Cleansing the fist, stretching my body from yawning and breathing. Yawning is the important medium of finding and reconnecting the lost, moreover is the most significant communication tool. Alongside sneezing, breathing, coughing, screaming from urges such as pain or cuteness, and crying, that is. I had extreme pain in my body. No, I chose an uncomfortable position yet no pain came. Why am I repeating? ????

Breathing in and out

I am a hollow, flexible, round container

empty and full

expand and shrink as I breathe

I occupy the space where my gaze begins and ends

The room expands and shrinks as I breathe

It takes an hour to say hi across the room.

It takes 40 minutes the second time

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