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  • Hennie

Planet i. Day6

Less speculation for the performers today,

since we installed light, boiling water - later added with coffee,

wind, humidity, and sound in the space.

Shifting between non-sensing to sensing to non-sensing to sensing; forgetting your senses and focusing on one’s internal states, then letting each sense guide you.

Trying to forget and trying to remember. Trying to forget to remember and to remember to forget, to forget to forget and remember to remember.

Be careful not to be too retarded so one can understand the instructions.

Advancing suddenly with contacts - collective actions were derived.

We also introduced the idea of sound accumulation inside the planet, and made noises to linger around to bounce forth and back. Excited for tomorrow to layer it over one another!

Materials are starting to be gathered, hopefully everyone will grasp onto the thread weaving their own drawers.

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