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Planet i. Day 3

Today we worked with memory. We imagined and speculated clusters of memories that would belong to our fictional characters.Throughout the workshop we had to constantly remember to forget and remember to remember.

We started from emptying ourselves and becoming hollow shells. We used the conditions of the planet to help us delve into a new imaginary world and context. We realised that something as simple as gravity can make us lose contact with ourselves. While switching from gravity -2 (very light) to 2 (very heavy), we also had to switch from remembering to forgetting, or, as An3 put it, from "consciousness to a vegetable state".

By the end of the session, new physicalities arose and most of us got severely damaged in our memory processing. Our characters are currently in a state of doubting one's existence, with no clues of who we are; but somehow, we can still all remember the capitalistic-propaganda-brainwashing pop culture collective memories, such as Dobby from "Harry Potter".

Overall, we feel confused and we don't know what to hold on to, except for:


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