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  • Hennie

Planet i. day 1

Today Ludic’s 2 weeks residency of Inverted Planet rehearsals began at Cloud/Danslab.

From various conditions of inverted planet, we decided to first experiment with gravity, which would be the basis of all movement related workshops.

For three hours, Judith, Eros, Patricia, Iulia and I went through 6 different levels of gravity by standing, sitting, jumping, lying down, walking, floating, sinking and running in each of them.

Speculating different weight on separate parts of our bodies allowed us to discover how our body parts were reacting- adapting or resisting.

In further exercises, as a group we took turns to push down and lift each other. We believe that pushing Iulia’s hip down, lifting Judith’s armpits and squeezing Eros’s head were valid methods of character development. Juices came out.

Yummmmmmmm! Soon the thoughts will. We hope.

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