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  • Chae-eun


Day Nine (the final day of the Ludic Summer Course)

The last day had to be short but it was sweet.

Each of us tried to finish more of the projects we began during the summer course. Ville worked to complete the miniature furniture he had began, and Xenia and Iulia tried to advance in the animation they had been working on.

In the meanwhile Rob and Chae-Eun had sampled various sounds from the kitchen and Rob had programmed them all into his computer. And with all of those sounds collected from the kitche – after lunch time – we all came together and we jammed. Creating beats, improvising and fanatically pressing on keyboards to generate rhythms and inspire melodies. At the end of it leaving a heap of sonic mess for Rob to comb through, organise and to play and make a soundscape out of. (Sorry Rob, and always we thank you!)

For lunch, we ate Korean dried squid, rice and salad..

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