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Day Six

One and only day where everyone was present.

There was a completely different atmosphere to previous days. With so many people we became were more giddy with excitement and all behaved like children. Especially in Eda’s German class, the six students all together naturally began behaving like children, all throwing different questions of their own, making jokes, distracting one another and having lots of fun.

Activities of the sixth day consisted of:

-German with Eda

-Model making: making miniature furniture to scale with Hennie


-Chae-Eun’s nap time while everyone continued with their furniture making

Ville designed his chest of drawers and began making them. Eda and Xenia also each designed a chair (a penis chair and a rocking chair) and completed making them by the time Chae-Eun had woken up from her nap.

For lunch we ate Vietnamese rice wrap. It was most people’s first time and Xenia (the most picky eater of the group) discovered that she actually quite likes the combination of apples, beef and peanut butter!

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