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  • Chae-eun

Ludic Summer Course 1

So the idea behind our Ludic Summer Course is very simple.

Each of us are good at something that can be shared with others. And we thought it would be nice to spend the more relaxed summer period to teach one another new skills in language, music, Photoshop, arts and crafts and movement etc and spend some quality time together eating and chatting.

So that’s exactly what we did.

On day one,

We learnt to count in French.

We jammed in the kitchen with all of the sounds from cooking and more.

We had pasta salad with oriental dressing for lunch.

We each created a colourful mess on papers, swapped around the papers and plattered more mess over the mess created by each of us. We used the brightly coloured patterns and splatters into petals and made flowers out of them.

So many flowers!

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