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Ludic Collective is essentially a mini community of open-minded artists of different disciplines (visual arts, sound, mathematics, theatre, philosophy, dance, design and neuropsychology), with members currently scattered around the planet Earth.


With passion for food, playing, experimenting, dance, music, devising and generally having fun,

Ludic wants to collaborate with various artists and non-artists. 


Collectively we produce:




audio-visual installations 




and meals, etc.

As the name suggests, Ludic often finds interest in ludicrous but neglected elements, and with great effort we devise processes to acknowledge, unlearn and invert, and open these practices up to the others. We value the idea of community; no competition, no super egos, but mutual support and solidarity. Ludic has been interested in disorienting our solidified cognitive and behavioural patterns, in order to discover new ways of relating to ourselves, objects and other organisms around us. Most recently, Ludic has focused on translating theoretical concepts from critical plant and animal studies into bodily practices; questioning our affiliation, as well as an uncanny defamiliarisation with the other-than-human.

Ludic likes to eat together, share ridiculous ideas, make stuff, create a BIG MESS

and conduct many trial failures without feeling the deep fall.

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Ludic Manipesto        

We are  serious.

We are very serious

about not being serious.
We are Ludic.

We make many attempts
Attempts to do what?
Attempts to create, make and explore
Explore what?
Maybe art, maybe food, maybe just some time with some people.

We make
non-theatrical theatre
non-dramatic drama
non-literary literature
non-musical music
and non-performative performances.

But we are not, not necessarily, using these

opposite views as our motivation.
We are not ideally post-anything.
We just want what we want.

We evolve around nice food, good people and excitement.

We tend to add subtle elements and details to our performances just as much as we tend to add oregano and paprika in our dishes.

We really like the small things.
The big things are for adults.
We are not there yet, nor will we ever get there.

We respect unintentional process and its consequences.

These manifestos can be easily contradicted by any of us.


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