Romania, UK, Sweden, Netherlands

User-friendly guides

11/2020 (TBC due to Covid-19)

residency & open workshop 

Skogen, Gothenburg


Nature Art Video Exhibition,

Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2020 

Gongju, South Korea

Concept & development 

Hennie Lee

Iulia Maracine

Judith V/D Made

Patricia Vane

Participant artist 

Irina Bobei

Ville Valikoski

Eftichia Kondyli

Ludic’s User-Friendly-Guides is a project where a Ludic member is curating a series of activities (workshops, talks, gatherings, etc), and shares each specific topics with anyone who is curious to explore: how one’s soma and cognition are intertwined; to actively question; to alter and possibly unlearn one’s schema. 

As part of the User-Friendly-Guides, we are kicking off with the first part of the trilogy project, themed around the concept of embodying the relation between ourselves and the other, in three stages: 1. PLANT-HUMAN; 2. ANIMAL-HUMAN, 3. HUMAN-HUMAN.