Day Nine (the final day of the Ludic Summer Course)

The last day had to be short but it was sweet.

Each of us tried to finish more of the projects we began during the summer course. Ville worked to complete the miniature furniture he had began, and Xenia and Iulia tried...


Day Eight

Nearing the end of the Ludic Summer Course which lasted two weeks, we savoured the last moments to try out our first movement workshop with the dancers for our new project Inverted Planet.


Day Seven was all about ‘space.’

A Scenography workshop with Hennie.

What more can I say? We explores space…..

( P.S. On this occasion we didn’t have lunch together.)


Day Six

One and only day where everyone was present.

There was a completely different atmosphere to previous days. With so many people we became were more giddy with excitement and all behaved like children. Especially in Eda’s German class, the six students all together...

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