A few months ago, I started listening to a really nice Romanian indie band, named Dor Marunt. I was told that Bogdan Olaru, the vocalist, is a really nice dancer, actor and performance artist currently finishing his Master's Degree in Cluj, Romania, and that I definite...


Skagen, the northernmost point of Denmark

was the land of a timeless void, 

full of fluxional silver sand hovering in the air,

with the wind they clashed and sanded down

the corners of roofs and uncovered skins.

Juhee and I participated in a 1 week residency to create an ex...


Eda Yilmaz, our dear performer & film director, has made, among many other projects in Germany, a short film, "Two Sides".

Watch it, we hope you will enjoy its eda-ness, as well as its ludic-ness. 

If you want to keep yourself posted with more work that our Ludic members...



It sounds so weird

Banana bread beer

And when you try it

You won't deny it

Flavours so strange

Slightly deranged

Parading your ground

Invading your ground

You may not know this

May not have heard this

It's cost...

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