Two months ago, Bogdan and I had a dance residency at Fabrica de Pensule, in Cluj, Romania. Part of the REEDANS residency programme, our research and practice was mentored by a wonderful choreographer from Ukraine, Viktor Ruban.

For two weeks, became plants.We rede...


A few months ago, I started listening to a really nice Romanian indie band, named Dor Marunt. I was told that Bogdan Olaru, the vocalist, is a really nice dancer, actor and performance artist currently finishing his Master's Degree in Cluj, Romania, and that I definite...


Ludic Collective greeted 2018 on a hill next to the Konstepidemin in Gothenburg, with a bottle of champagne, happy thoughts, a little bit of nostalgia, but mostly excitement and impatience for the 4th of January to come, so we could have fun and show Planet i. at 13Fes...


"Pling Plong", a ludic music video with one of Arob (Robert Dahlqvist)'s noise mastering and visuals by Iulia and her friend, Maria Mitu

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