Recap, repetition, not yet but refinement.

More confusion and is it good?

Chaos helps as long as we delve.

More drawers on the shelves.


Today Ludic’s 2 weeks residency of Inverted Planet rehearsals began at Cloud/Danslab. 

From various conditions of inverted planet, we decided to first experiment with gravity, which would be the basis of all movement related workshops. 

For three hours, Judith, Eros, Pat...


The Ludic summer hit song of 2016 was created by Hennie, Iulia and Robert in Den Haag, with the additional touch of Eda's recordings.


Iulia Maracine, Ludic's movement director has taken When Words Dictate's "Movement-word" creating workshops to CNDB, Bucharest. The group of participants varied from ones without any movement background to a contemporary dance - devotee. Here is the edited video of gli...

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