This summer, Ludic members went through an extreme loop of weather, location, confusion, chaos, and emotional status shift. 

We wanted to stay in this loop forever.



???? The implicit somatic memory of oneself and one's identity providing the core and narrative context for sense of self; one's perception; "I" as the same I a second ago - when lost, I was connected with the cushion, there was no reason for it to be any differen...


Time can shrink.

What things are gone and what things are left?

What instincts are left? Urge to mimic, phobia, responding to cuteness, etc. 

Who chooses to forget or stays or move towards to forget?

Who chooses to sense and remember or stays or move towards to remember?


Less speculation for the performers today,

since we installed light, boiling water - later added with coffee, 

wind, humidity, and sound in the space. 

Shifting between non-sensing to sensing to non-sensing to sensing; forgetting your senses and focusing on one’s internal...

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