This summer 3 ludics (Andreea, Iulia and myself) had spent 2 weeks at the Seoul Dance Center, as part of the international open call residency. We had the first week to ourselves, then in the second week held workshops for people who were interested in our theme of "un...


Skagen, the northernmost point of Denmark

was the land of a timeless void, 

full of fluxional silver sand hovering in the air,

with the wind they clashed and sanded down

the corners of roofs and uncovered skins.

Juhee and I participated in a 1 week residency to create an ex...


To share one of the things Ludic did in Konstepidemin, Gothenburg:

we collectively re-wrote the levels of recovery text, based on our own experiences.

During the performance, these level texts became

something to hold onto for us,

something to make associations for the aud...


More contents to follow:

watch an edited archive of Planet i. workshops, used as a stimulating lighting source during the showcase @Bucharest

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