Day Seven was all about ‘space.’

A Scenography workshop with Hennie.

What more can I say? We explores space…..

( P.S. On this occasion we didn’t have lunch together.)


Day Six

One and only day where everyone was present.

There was a completely different atmosphere to previous days. With so many people we became were more giddy with excitement and all behaved like children. Especially in Eda’s German class, the six students all together...


DAY Five

On the fifth day of Ludic Summer course…. EDA ARRIVED! Eda made her way all the way from Germany to join our humble programme and we were just terribly excited to see her after so long (about 2 weeks)!

Eda wanted to make flowers we had made previously and so we...


Day Four

Hennie and Ville couldn’t make it, Eda wasn’t arriving until the following day and Rob was at work. It was another quiet day. We used a fashion drawing template and designed clothes, drew them onto ridiculously long limbed figures and painted them.

For Lunch we...

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