So I may have lied about us keeping a daily update of our two weeks of workshops at Summerhill School. Before we began, I had predicted that our time here will be relaxed and chilled. How wrong I was when I had imagined the two weeks at Summerhill to be spent running t...


The Three Headed Monsters of Ludic Collective (Hennie, Iulia and Chae-eun) have finally arrived at A.S Neill’s Summerhil School.

On our first day, while inhaling the fresh Suffolk air, trying to remember everyone’s names and getting used to the whole new environment; we...


Day Nine (the final day of the Ludic Summer Course)

The last day had to be short but it was sweet.

Each of us tried to finish more of the projects we began during the summer course. Ville worked to complete the miniature furniture he had began, and Xenia and Iulia tried...


Day Eight

Nearing the end of the Ludic Summer Course which lasted two weeks, we savoured the last moments to try out our first movement workshop with the dancers for our new project Inverted Planet.

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