UK, Netherlands, Romania

planet i.



Summerhill school,Suffolk, UK


I.P.intensive workshops CLOUDdanslab, Den Haag


Planet i. Openstudio

CLOUDdanslab, Den Haag


Planet i. Audiovisual performance

ARTHUB, Bucharest


Planet i. performance

13Festivalen, Gothenburg

Concept & direction by 
Hennie Lee, Iulia Maracine, Judith v/d Made

Created with & performed by Andreas van de Kuit, Sindy Tejeda, Eros Chien, Christina Karagianni, Patricia Vane, Pia Rener, Dan Xu, Aron Britalan, Dimitri Van Den Wittenboer, Judith v/d Made, Iulia Maracine, Hennie Lee

Sound design by Robert Dahlqvist, Andreas van de Kuit

Planet Earth has inverted, outside-in. In a fraction of a nano-second, the whole planet transforms into a new entity. Our soma - the purposive, perceptive body that forms the locus of transdisciplinary project of somaesthetics - shuts down completely. Then it reboots: with no memory; no implicit awareness of continuing one’s personal identity, and no medical assistance to help recover.


What happens next?


Ludic approaches this question from a phenomenological perspective, investigating: recovery process from amnesia stages, muscle memory, and cognitive re-development.

Ludic Collective is looking for participants who will join the process of devising and performing an immersive, site-specific performance, “Planet i.”, from October 2016 to January 2018. Planet i. is a project that Ludic Collective has been researching since 2015, and now we would like to develop it into an actual performance in the Netherlands.


       WHO CAN JOIN:


  • Performers of any background that are interested in collaborative methods of creation and that are willing to undergo various movement and devising processes.  

  • Researchers of any background (sound, visual arts, physics, geology, etc.) who are willing to help us research and create contents for the piece.